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Thank you for visiting our online store! Please read the following instructions.

The items are collected within the first business day of receiving the customers order, provided that Boutique Freda receive due payment, clearance and have stock availibility. The logistics operate Monday to Friday, with the exception of Finnish Public Holidays.
    • FINLAND all items are shipped carbon neutrally to the closest Posti service point.

    • Service point is automatically selected based on the street address provided. Collection point may be altered by the customer in the OmaPosti mobile app.
    • OTHER COUNTRIES the items are shipped via Posti (Finnish Post Office) and its partners (for example DHL and Bring). Customer is able to track the shipment with a tracking code provided.


business days

Shipping fees

Return fees

FINLAND  1 - 3

Shipping cost 7,90 €.

Free return.

Shipping cost 14,90 €.

Return paid by customer
NON EU COUNTRIES  5 - 8, up to 10  Shipping cost 24,90  €. Return paid by customer



Boutique Freda holds the risk on delivery until the package is collected by customer. The customer holds the risk until Boutique Freda has received the returned package. Please note, all returns must first be notified in advance to Boutique Freda per email: info@boutiquefreda.com  .

Non-collected packages

If an ordered package is not collected within 7 days, the package will be returned to Boutique Freda. We reserve the right to charge the customer a fee covering shipping cost as well as any additional penalty and processing fees. Non-collected packages are not covered by the right to return items.

In case Boutique Freda cannot meet these delivery terms, the custmer will be contacted by e-mail with a notification of expected delivery. All items purchased from Boutique Freda remains the property of Boutique Freda, until the package is collected by the customer. This means that all risk of lost items is carried by Boutique Freda.

Boutique Freda cannot guarantee that all the information is up-to-date, errors may occur.


Please note, the colour of items may vary depending on pc/mac, screen, graphic card and settings.


In case the received item is damaged, is the wrong one, lost before collection or does not match your order in any way, please contact Boutique Freda immediately per email at info@boutiquefreda.com or bombus@bombus.fi or per phone  +358 16 256 778


Boutique Freda has the right to change any terms and conditions without notification.