Molla la Donna 13th December 2016


Lola Ramona is a Danish brand that specializes in shoes and bags for quality-conscious and stylish women. The brand was founded in 2006 when the developers wanted to bring the shoes whit attitude to the markets. Lola Ramona brings together arts, personality and clothing, and over the years the brand has become a kind of symbol for style, freedom of choice and personality. The products are pretty feminine and brand uses a lot of bows, stripes and polka dots. The shoes are made of leather with a rubber sole. This shoes also have a really rare side, for just good looking shoes – they are nice to walk!
"Lola Ramona shoes are small pieces of art you can carry on your feet" ...and remember: "You can't have too many shoes - only too little space"
Pretty shoes are one of my weak spots! I really love them, but I have also noticed that I’m a bit picky with this. My favorite shoes are high heeled and most of them are red with block heels. Nevertheless, I often choose the more delicate shoes that emphasize better foot line. For example, in my opinion, these Lola Ramona stiletto heels are ideal for photos. In fact, my photographer liked them to be so picturesque that he took pretty many photos of them.
I got these shoes from Boutique Freda. Boutique Freda is a delightful shoe store based in Helsinki, Finland. The shop has specialized in Lola Ramona brand. In Fact, they have the world’s largest and most diverse collection of Lola Ramona shoes! Boutique Freda also has online store that works in Finnish or English and they do worldwide shipping. The online store is really good because you can look only for your own size or chose what kind of heel style you want to look. That saves considerable time if you know what you want!
For more info, visit Lola Ramona’s web-page: and shop these and other beautiful products at Boutique Freda’s online store: