Boutique Freda

is focused in lovely Danish Design Lola Ramona, The shoes with an attitude!

- The uppers of all main line Lola Ramona shoes are mainly made of 100% leather. The linings and socks are also leather. 

- The heels on main line Lola Ramona shoes are covered with striped or plain rubber, sprayed in a colour or made of wood. The heel is positioned in an ergonomic way that allows your foot to dance all night long. 

- Every insole is made from a special thick foam which absorbs the weight of the foot.

- All shoes are manufactured in small factories with high skills. 


Boutique Freda´s focus is in lovely Lola Ramona shoes. Please feel free to pick up your own style from our wide selection! 


OPEN 7/24 



Boutique Freda

  • Monday - Friday 11am - 6pm 
  • Saturday 11am - 3pm
  • + 358 16 256 778
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