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Bettie Page Bags

Lola Ramona loves Bettie Page and we are proud to hold her license to design Bettie Page bags. Our Bettie Page collection of handbags caters to the lifestyle and inspirations of Bettie Page's iconic presence within the subcultures that follow her today.There's no doubt the Bettie Page collection embodies the sexy, sassy and fun look of the legendary pin-up. From sparkly, to lace, to leopard print – these bags will bring out the inner pin-up in anyone.


Danish Design, Lola Ramona, founded in 2006, the Brand originates from Copenhagen.
On the discovery that a certain type of shoe was missing from the market, we set out to establish Lola Ramona.
The path we would take was clear from the on set but how would we introduce this huge burst of shoe magic to the world at large?
After a great deal of deliberation and just in time to present the slice of shoe heaven to the masses, Lola Ramona became the Brand that epitomises "shoes with an attitude".
Specialising in shoes that have been designed to demonstrate style, freedom of choice and personality, Lola Ramona encourages you to wear your heart on your feet.
Lola Ramona is not just a name, it's a total concept...!
True to every design in which elements such as bows, dots and stripes are always present, the collection identifies each style by name, with every shoe demonstrating its own quirks. 
Humor is vital to the brand philosophy and with unsurmountable dedication from design to the final concept Lola Ramona injects the pizzazz into all of their footwear.
Strut your stuff in style and be proud to be loud...Lola Ramona!


Boutique Freda

is focused in lovely Danish Design Lola Ramona, The shoes with an attitude! The most largest selection of Lola Ramona available  at Boutique Freda.

  • The uppers of all main line Lola Ramona shoes are mainly made of 100% leather. The linings and socks are also leather. 
  • The heels on main line Lola Ramona shoes are covered with striped or plain rubber, sprayed in a colour or made of wood. The heel is positioned in an ergonomic way that allows your foot to dance all night long. 
  • Every insole is made from a special thick foam which absorbs the weight of the foot.
  • All shoes are manufactured in small factories with high skills.  

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